lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery
lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery
lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery
lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery
lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery
lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery

Lau Homecook

Delivery service for ‘A Taste Of Home’

“You are what you eat”

Every family has recipes that have been passed down through the years.  As the eldest, she’s been taking care of her 7 siblings since young. Aunty Lau learned her cooking skills and recipes from her mother when she was 16 years old. In 2019, she came to Kuala Lumpur to make sure her sons are eating healthy when he started his own business in KL. With the help of her son, ‘Lau Homecook’ was created for folks who miss the taste of home in this busy society. If you miss the simple yet comforting home-cooked cuisine and want to treat your loved ones with a healthier and nutritious diet, now let’s join the lane of ‘Lau Homecook’, which provides you with the simplest joy.

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lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery

AEC Prime Talk

With the advent of E-Commerce, the Food and Beverage industry may be able to expand their business through E-Commerce activities. Everything from branding to customer expansions to making an order may be done online. So the enterprise can begin preparing the customer’s order and delivering with the click of a button.

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lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery

Do you have a hectic work schedule and struggle to maintain a healthy diet?

The modern fast-paced lifestyle has caused majority of adults to overlook the need of a balanced diet. Also, dining out would increase the chances of contracting COVID-19 during this pandemic. As a result, Lau Homecook takes all relevant information into consideration and creates a platform that enables healthy diet easier and more convenient in today’s hectic environment. Delicious but nutritious delights can be delivered to your house with only a few clicks.

Let’s discover the charm of local yet healthy cuisines that strive for fresh ingredients!

Regardless of the ratings among fancy fine-dining venues, Lau Homecook emphasizes the quality of meals consumed by customers and the blissful joy that comes on their faces after savoring our food. Unlike other restaurants that provide excessive amounts of sodium, saturated fat, and calories, we maintain a low-oil, low-salt cooking strategy that allows customers to enjoy their meals without concern.

The dishes that make you reminisce

The team believes in passion and innovation, they make additional efforts in using fresh ingredients. With our passion for developing new recipes, the customer experience in purchasing and the variety of cuisines will improve with time as we seek to be the best beyond the scene.

Why Lau Homecook?

Having the struggles to survive in this hectic society, many families tend to overlook the schedule to prepare a balanced yet healthy meal. No worries, Lau Homecook provides a perfect service just to let every family enjoy the valuable meal sessions every day.

Variety packages that is suitable for different types of family and number of people. From packages to Ala cartes, there will be a suitable option for you.

Having over 10 years of cooking skills, from classic local cuisines to unique dishes that can only be found in Lau Homecook are here for  you to try out.

A warm soup that is perfect for a busy day. Nutritious yet delicious soup to improve your health like how a mother shows their affection.

You can plan your own schedule based on your personal preference. The validity time for the package orders is 6 months.

Regardless of allergy issues or personal preference, you can customize the menu based on your needs.

Lau Homecook has an exclusive food delivery partner to deliver lunch (10:45 am – 1:45pm) and dinner (4:30pm – 7:30pm) in Selangor. FREE DELIVERY!

Good Food, Good Mood

lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery


Enjoy convenient yet delicious home cooked food and precious time with your family. 

lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery

Working Adults

Let Aunty Lau’s homecooked foods warm your heart amidst your hectic schedule.

lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery


Fresh ingredients and healthy cooking method that can accompany and witness the growth of a child.

Select the homecooked food package that suits you

(5 days, 20 days, 40 days)

Good ingredients are the best delicacies

Aunty Lau’s enthusiasm drives her to continue to develop her cookings with her dedicated craftmanship, so that customers can enjoy tasty and nutritious food.


Sin Tai Hing

Malaysia’s well-known soy sauce brand.



Brown rice consists 6 times higher of food fibre than white rice


Knife Cooking Oil

Well known cooking oil that flavors up the dish

lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery

YSK Freshmart

We use fresh pork from ‘YSK Freshmart’

lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery

Thai Fragrant Rice

We provide Cherri Blossom Thai Fragrant Rice

lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery

Chinese Traditional Herbs

Different Chinese herbs for different dishes.

Latest Promotion

Stop dining at outside restaurants! Let Aunty Lau to pamper your body and warm your heart.

Our commitment has always been to provide high-quality meals. It is not easy to standardize the preparation of every home-cooked meal, but Aunty Lau never loses sight of her initial goal of caring for everyone who appreciates traditional wonderful cuisine, nutrition, and health. Aunty Lau individually buys and chooses the ingredients for the day because she believes in providing nutritious and reassuring home foods using the freshest ingredients. She keeps a tight eye on the kitchen’s sanitation as well as the cooking procedure, which utilises less oil and salt. Aunty Lau collaborates with delivery partners on a long-term basis to ensure high efficiency and constant food quality.

Aunty Lau’s customizable home cooked dishes are better than the fast food that was gobbled during busy working day. For first time users, enjoy 10% off discount with our promo code [FIRST10] for your first purchase.

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First Purchase10% OFF

First purchase up to RM100 to enjoy 10% promotion.

*Discount capped at RM12.

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First Purchase 10% OFF

First purchase up to RM100 to enjoy 10% promotion.

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Signature Dishes


Danggui Steam Chicken

Danggui, Wolfberry


Double Boiled Herbal Chicken

Danggui, Jujube, Wolfberry


Salted Egg Toufu 


Sweet & Sour Meatball

Handmade meatball


White Raddish Pork 

Star Anise, Rind, Cinnamon


Long Cabbage Dimsum 

Scallop sauce

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lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery



lauhomecook,chinese home cook food delivery
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Ms Lee from PJ:

After a long day, I’m often too exhausted to enter the kitchen and cook meals. Just thinking about the duties that come after cooking and eating makes me exhausted. Eating outside is handy, but it is fatty and salty, which is an imbalanced diet if eaten on a regular basis. It will also have an impact on mine and my family’s health.

Then a friend introduced me to Lau Homecook, which has been quite beneficial to me as a working mother. Every day, my family eats fresh and wonderful foods that is different. My husband and children both enjoys the cuisine. I highly suggest it to people who, like me, don’t have time to cook yet don’t want to sacrifice their own important time.

A Taste Of Home

Let's join the lane of Lau Homecook, which provides you with the simplest joy.

You are what you eat

No MSG, less oil, less salt, a balanced yet healthy meal

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